Wine Barrel Art Charity Auction

The Akarua Arrowtown Autumn Festival is proud to bring to you for the first time, the Wine Barrel Art Charity Auction. Talented local artists have each transformed an Akarua wine barrel into a work of art. The auction will be in support of the Wakatipu Greatest Needs Fund and the festival. Barrels will be displayed at the Lakes District Museum until May 14th after which they will be available to the winning bidder.

These barrels will be available on TradeMe until 8pm Sunday May 2nd –

I Drank It, While Painting! By Bridget Paape

Bridget Paape predominately works in watercolours and gouache. Her work is vibrant, colourful and fun and could be classified as naïve art because of its childlike simplicity. Bridget is now based in Dunedin but is also a long time and well known Arrowtown local. Her inspiration comes from her surroundings, from people and nature.

Charlotte Graf is an Arrowtown artist, singer, performer, writer, and face painter extraordinaire! She has been known to write musicals, create fashion out of eggs, curate kids’ talent shows, and so, so much more. Colour Me is inspired by the adult colouring-in book therapy craze. A close inspection will reveal many local attractions. Locals can play ‘Spot Scoop’ to see if they can find a familiar face in the drawing!

Cast Bronze on an Oak Wine Barrel

Fiona Garlick is an Arrowtown based sculptor whose medium is predominantly cast bronze. The story running though her current practice is “Charming Invaders”, so in keeping with this theme she has augmented her wine barrel with two bronze birds which are familiar to the vineyards of New Zealand.  The endemic New Zealand Falcon, the Karearea, is watching and waiting to pounce on its prey – the unaware European starling peeking out of the bung hole.  Starlings were purposefully introduced to control caterpillar plagues but are now considered pest birds of the orchards and vineyards.  Some vineyards introduce pairs of Karearea to their vineyards to scare the pest birds off the ripening grapes.

Jane Pestell-Litten is a local fine artist whose usual medium is oils and she is in demand for her beautiful portraiture.  Jane also has extensive experience in Commercial Architecture and Interior Design and her work can be seen throughout Australia, China and Asia. She has gone outside her comfort zone here! What could possibly be more fun and crazy than a barrel full of monkeys?

Lee van der Geest is a local artist that has a workshop and studio at Lake Hayes. She has 35 years’ experience and has sculptures throughout NZ. She works in many mediums including wire, driftwood, willow, feathers and bones. She takes inspiration from the natural environment and creates a variety of sculptures, including animals, flowers, insects, hearts and spheres. She loves sharing her passion and conducting workshops from her art space. The shape of the wine barrel inspired her to transform it into a potbelly pig constructed with the addition of a steel frame and annealed wire weaving to complete the look.

Jenny Mehrtens is an Arrowtown artist whose works are collected worldwide. Primarily a painter, Jenny is well known for her beautiful use of gold leaf and acrylic paint to create stunning works that change with different light and viewing angles. This work celebrates the heritage of gold and natural beauty of Arrowtown.

Trey Ratcliff is a photographer, artist, writer, and adventurer with over 7 million social media followers. He grew up in Texas but has lived in Queenstown for almost ten years. His fine art is collected by people all around the world including professional sports stars and celebrities like Edward Norton and Leonardo DiCaprio. Trey’s images examine the tension between this reality and another. He is driven to help spread consciousness and love around the world. Featuring one of Trey’s fine art images (of the Autumn trees that waterfall into Arrowtown), this work has been spread in an infinite loop around the wine barrel. The wine barrel does not contain wine. It used to contain wine, but then someone discovered it and now it is dry as a bone. This is Edition 1 of 1.