The Akarua Arrowtown Autumn Festival Committee has a responsibility to provide an environment that is not only comfortable and welcoming, but also one where alcohol is served responsibly. The following Host Responsibility Policy will be implemented at all times.
• ​A wide range of non-alcoholic drinks including fruit juices, soft drinks are available throughout the day.
• ​Water is available free of charge from water stations and on request from each of the beer tents. Water bottles can be purchased from the food stalls.
• ​Low % alcohol beer is available for purchase at some of the beer tents. This will be indicated by the brewers.
• ​A wide selection of pies is available at each of the food stalls participating in the festival.
• ​All signage required under the sale and Supply of Alcohol Act is visible to staff and patrons.
• ​It is against the law for us to serve alcohol to minors. If we are in doubt as to your age, we will ask you for identification. Acceptable forms of proof of age include the New Zealand photo driver’s licence, the HANZ 18+ card or a current passport.
• ​Only persons who have a festival glass will be able to purchase alcohol. You may be requested to  prove your age at any time throughout the festival if you look under 25 years of age when purchasing alcohol.
• ​Patrons who are visibly intoxicated will not be served alcohol and will be asked to leave the festival.   Such persons will also be encouraged to take advantage of safe travel options.
• ​We will promote safe transport options to get you safely home and encourage the use of taxi’s, public transport and designated drivers.

• ​It is a requirement under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 for us to promote the above services, and display Certificates concerning our right to serve alcohol on these premises.
• ​We maintain a training and management policy to give our staff the skills and support they need to do their job responsibly and well.
• ​We wish you all a safe and enjoyable time.

Akarua Arrowtown Autumn Festival Committee